Bonded Warehousing


Announcing Bonded Warehousing for Imports

Companies know that Capitol Warehousing can transport and store imported merchandise cost effectively. We are pleased to announce a new service for our international companies—U.S. Customs public bonded warehousing. Capitol also has an application pending for inclusion in the Dane County Foreign Trade Zone.

At Capitol Warehousing we'll identify the most effective way to transport your products from the port of entry to a storage facility or your customer's door. You get one bill and have one contact so you have fewer headaches and more control over your supply chain.

Capitol Warehousing now offers Public (Class 3) Customs bonded warehousing:

  • Companies can store their dutiable goods without
    payment of duties. No duty is collected until
    merchandise is withdrawn for consumption.
  • Importers can sell merchandise for exportation
    without paying duties.
  • Many items subject to quota or other restrictions
    maybe stored in a bonded warehouse.
  • Companies can transfer bonded merchandise
    from one bonded warehouse to another bonded
    warehouse without paying duties, with
    certain exceptions.
  • Companies can store, clean, sort, or repackage
    merchandise in the bonded facility.
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