Capitol Warehousing | Rail Transloading Services
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Rail Transloading Services

Capitol Warehousing Rail

Rail Transloading Services

Railyard and Transloading Capacity

When it comes to freight shipping services and storage services, Capitol Warehousing brings uniquely broad panoply of capabilities to the table, exemplified by our impressive rail transloading services.


Shipping by rail may provide a substantial cost savings to you compared to shipping your goods and materials via truck. Capitol is one of the area’s only facilities to offer rail transloading services.


With Class A railroad lines (Canadian Pacific Rail System) connected to our facility on rail siding, your freight can be efficiently transloaded to truck for further shipping or to our warehouse for dry or refrigerated storage based on your needs.


Our rail transloading services include a rail yard featuring seven rail spurs on 20 acres. Capitol has the ability to store 80 railcars on our grounds, ensuring that throughput through our facility is never an issue. In addition, we have our own track mobile and can also offer the unusual benefit of indoor rail offloading.


Third Party Logistics

At Capitol, we can save you time and money by acting when needed as a transportation services broker, and finding the most efficient way to move your goods and materials from your door to your customer’s door. By offering these kinds of third party logistics services, we can handle all the various aspects of storage and freight shipping services for our customers, including all trucking, transloading and storage. By using us as your transportation services broker, you receive one bill and have one contact, thereby saving time and aggravation and simultaneously maintaining superior control over your supply chain.


Capitol Warehousing also offers all the advantages of our bulk handling services, with a range of special equipment and capabilities including track conveyors. Up to 15% of a truck’s load is often taken up by packaging. Shipping and storing your materials in bulk increases your product-per-load ratio and reduces your costs. Bulk goods and materials – such things as shredded bark, plastic resin bead, and rock salt — can go directly from a hopper car to a conveyor belt at Capitol’s uniquely well-equipped facility.


Added up, it all provides a spectrum of capabilities that our customers can leverage to their benefit: rail transloading services, bulk handling, storage and third party logistics. The size and scope of Capitol’s operations ensure that we have the ability to move your products where they need to go, and when they need to go there.


Contact us today for more information on our rail transloading services or on any of our other specialized handling capabilities.