Capitol Warehousing | Dry Storage
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Dry Storage

Dry Storage

Capitol Warehousing offers dry storage as a key feature of our comprehensive public warehousing services.


Our facilities include 700,000 feet of dry storage space. All of this dry storage space is sized sufficiently to store high-cube type containers.


In addition, Capitol’s dry storage space is food grade certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


Our dry storage space offers aggressively high standards of pest control and cleanliness, so that our customers can have complete confidence in the safety and integrity of their stored goods.


As part our broader public warehousing services, customers using our dry storage capacity can take advantage of our online inventory services (WebSynapse) to keep tabs on the materials and goods they have stored with us. We can apply our own barcode or use your own unique barcode. Every time something is received at our warehouse, a receipt document is generated and a copy provided to our customer. Similarly, each shipment from dry storage generates a bill of lading with which our customer is provided.


Capitol Warehousing also offers all the advantages of our bulk handling services, with a range of special equipment and capabilities including track conveyors. Shipping and storing materials in bulk increases your product-per-load ratio and reduces your costs significantly.


Also adding to our uniquely broad spectrum of capabilities are the transloading services we offer. Class A railroad lines connect right to our rail siding, enabling your freight to be transferred direct from railcar to our warehouse for dry storage, or to truck for further shipping as the case may be.


Capitol’s public warehousing services are utilized by a wide range of customers. Industrial customers might store such goods as industrial steel coil, lumber, bricks, or plastic resin. Other customers securely store everything from 55 gallon containers of tomatoes to vegetable cans by the millions. Customers achieve great benefits by taking advantage of our large capacity dry storage facilities to better handle and prepare for spikes in business activity and seasonal demands.


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