Capitol Warehousing | About
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Capitol Trucking Warehouse

Welcome to Capitol Warehousing Corporation, your complete solution for short-term public warehousing and global transportation. Capitol is more than just your warehouse vendor: we’re your total logistics solution for shipping, handling and warehousing.

One Stop Transportation Services Broker

Why spend time dealing with multiple vendors? Capitol creates a trucking and rail transloading solution that helps you to manage logistics for Just In Time delivery, saving you money and getting your product to your customers faster.

Global Connections

Let Capitol’s experience in the global marketplace, approved foreign trade zone status and knowledge of the Midwest work for you. When entering a new market, you need allies with experience you can trust. Choose Capitol to coordinate all of your logistics.

Innovative Technology

Because Capitol continually updates its fleet of trucking services, equipment and tracking technology, we help you to stay one step ahead in the ever-changing marketplace. You can access your inventory in our bonded warehouses and activity in real time over the web using the latest technology.

Time Savings

Rather than warehousing your products where they are manufactured, store them closer to your end user—you’ll have better control over your inventory and reduce your turns. Capitol’s location allows us to reach your Midwestern customers within hours, not days.

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